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Parents Empowering Kids - The Early Years


Strongest Families Institute (SFI) and Parents Empowering Kids (PEK) is not an emergency service. If at anytime you are at risk of harming yourself, call 911, a crisis line, or go to an emergency room.

The Parents Empowering Kids program does not replace the advice or support of a doctor or health care professional.

Unfortunately, at this time the Parents Empowering Kids - The Early Years option is only available to residents of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Other Strongest Families programs are offered in different areas of Canada. Click here for more information or call us at 1-866-470-7111. You may now close this page.

Unfortunately, at this time the Parents Empowering Kids - The Early Years option is only available for children between the ages of 3-6.

Our full 12 week long Parents Empowering Kids program is offered for ages 7-12. Click here for more information or call us at 1-866-470-7111. You may now close this page.

Introduction to Strongest Families

Strongest Families programs are proven to overcome challenges such as behaviour difficulties and anxiety in children and youth. Services are provided to families in the comfort and privacy of their own home for free. There is no need to travel or take time from work or school!

The Parents Empowering Kids Program helps families learn skills to:

  • manage and overcome behaviour challenges
  • improve mental health
  • improve child functioning at home and daycare/school
  • improve parental stress

We will provide you with:

  • weekly calls with a certified Strongest Families Coach
  • access to our secure website with written session information
  • skill demonstration videos and audios
  • activities to help you learn skill and complete goals
  • tips and reminders to help you stay on track
We require that one person be a “primary contact” and be available at every weekly appointment. We understand that parenting is a shared responsibility and because of this we highly encourage all caregivers to be on every phone call. It is important that the same person be present weekly for consistency and to help facilitate scheduling to avoid delays. Please have the primary contact complete this referral form.

The program is a partnership between your family and the Strongest Families team. Over the next 2 months...

you will: your coach will:
  • Talk with your coach on the phone for about 45 minutes once a week
  • Read the material, do the exercises, watch the videos
  • Learn the skills to help your child
  • Give 24hrs notice if you need to reschedule a call
  • Consistently use the program skills with your child often, everyday
  • Call you weekly
  • Review the skill information and practice the skills with you
  • Problem-solve with you and answer your questions
  • Encourage and support you

The Program is typically group-based phone support. The group includes a certified Strongest Families coach and parents/caregivers from across Newfoundland and Labrador who are experiencing behaviour challenges with their 3 to 6-year-old children. While the focus of the calls will be on program skills, you will problem solve with others going through the same challenges and enjoy the social support from your group of peers.

It’s natural to feel shy or nervous about joining a group on the phone. Past clients have told us they quickly felt the support of the group, and took comfort knowing they weren’t alone. It’s up to you how much you share on the call, and your coach will be there every step of the way to encourage and support you.

We also offer one-on-one phone coaching. Both coaching options cover the same material and take about 45 minutes - 1 hour each week.

Click here to hear what others are saying about Strongest Families coaching calls!

Thank you for taking the time to review the program information. We would be happy to re-evaluate your need for services at any time in the future. You may now close this page.
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